Department of Mathematics

University of California

Santa Cruz, CA 95064, USA



Professor of Mathematics

Licenciatura, University of Buenos Aires

Ph.D., University of Michigan


Math Department

Phone: 831-459-4657

Office: McHenry 4126

Office Hours: By Appt.

Email: schonbek at math dot ucsc edu



Research Interests:

Maria Schonbek's research focuses on non-linear partial differential equations derived from models in fluid dynamics. The primary questions she is concerned with are related to the qualitative behavior of solutions, specifically questions concerning long-time behavior of solutions.

Understanding the behavior of solutions to equations for physical models is a first step in understanding the behavior of the world we live in.

In her research, Professor Schonbek has tried to make interdisciplinary connections since she believes that such work is fundamental to the progress of science.


Winter 2008
Math 106B
Spring 2008
Math 24
Fall 2008
Math 213A
Fall 2009
Math 207
Fall 2009
Math 106
Spring 2009
Math 105B
Winter 2013 Math 205